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Cresting Wave is Growing: A Quick Update on Our Progress...

May 16th, 2024 - Since joining Steve Shuhet and committing to growing Cresting Wave more than three years ago, we've seen tremendous progress. We've grown the number of firms we help bring innovations to by 300%+, expanded our team to 14 members, and developed deep strategic partnerships with the investment community. 

All this progress comes from the fact that the problem we are solving is as pervasive as ever. Technology leaders are not adopting new solutions fast enough because there is no way for them to know what solutions are credible and most importantly, what is right for them. They are overwhelmed by marketing emails, sales cold calls, and conferences that don't deliver the knowledge helpful to them in crafting a technology strategy. 

The way we work is different: customized and risk-free. At no cost to technology leaders, we itemize the basics of an organization's technology environment and strategy. Then, using that knowledge and drawing on my experience and our collective wisdom, we find new solutions that will be helpful. 

We inform technology leaders and their teams of their specifically matched technologies through customized, recurring briefings. Every meeting is tailored to that organization, ensuring it's relevant and efficient. And everyone comes in armed with background knowledge to streamline the process. 

This method not only simplifies learning for leaders but also reduces the ineffective 'spray and pray' tactics typical of traditional sales and marketing. This allows everyone involved to concentrate on what matters most: delivering real value to the end users of these solutions. 

The days of the watered-down group webinars catering to the lowest common denominator are over. The future is customized and curated to your needs. 

As we look to the future, our mission is to amplify our impact, creating real value for innovations and enterprise technology leaders in their shared pursuit of personal and organizational success. 

Every technology leader can benefit from our briefings – please reach out to engage with us further or introduce us to the technology leaders in your organization. 


Rachel Persky


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