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At Cresting Wave we employ a consistent process, helping train early stage companies to find their market and accelerate their growth.  Employed across your portfolio this will drive superior results and de-risk companies at their most vulnerable stage.

Getting early stage  innovations to market efficiently is the key to returns.

Determining the right product market fit and the right buyer is critical to maximizing the opportunity for every innovative company.

Our Process


Technical Deep Dive and Product Feedback Session

Onboarding Technical Deep Dive

Messaging Iteration

Go-to-Market Messaging Review and Iteration resulting in a Cresting Wave Streamlined Client Pitch as the final deliverable


Regular Outbound Meeting Scheduling, Attendance and Facilitation

Matched Buyer Interactions

Monitoring and Closure

Ongoing Monitoring and Driving Engagements to Closure and Successful Use

Pipeline Review

Regular Pipeline Review and Lead Identification

Our Solution

We are constantly building our trusted relationships with 100s of major tech buyers across all industries. By regularly refreshing the technology landscape and roadmap with our community we are consistently informing our view of the market and their needs.

Meetings Booked

We pre-commit monthly appointments with Technology Leaders to hear qualified vetted pitches enabling quick, predictable go-to-market for our clients.


We filter & qualify all meetings with our innovations before presenting to our trusted network. By having deep knowledge of their current environments, we bring the right innovations at the right time.

Open Feedback

Our community of technology leaders give honest, real feedback, cutting through the niceties that often cloud the real truth.

Repeatable Process

We grow repeatable sales processes and sales teams with our clients. As clients grow, we give them a process and experience to learn from and build on.

Market Commentary

We are available as advisors to assess the market overall, giving you insights from our prior experience, current market conditions and regular touch points with our technology community.

Trusted Advisors

We are not like other marketing and sales advisors. We are trusted advisors of both the companies we represent and the community we serve, deriving insights along the way.

Company Feedback Early

Employed across your portfolio, we can accelerate your go-to market and de-risk your early stage portfolio, giving you the feedback needed to most effectively help your companies succeed.

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