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Bill Murphy, former CTO, Blackstone and Capital IQ joins Cresting Wave

September 29, 2020 - Bill Murphy, former CTO and Head of Innovations at Blackstone and Founding CTO at Capital IQ joins Cresting Wave as a Managing Partner.

Cresting Wave creates connections between the worlds of innovative young companies and forward-thinking technology leaders across industries.  By understanding the needs of our technology leader community, we match innovative solutions with the right early adopter customers that provide early revenue and the open feedback necessary to accelerate the success of growth businesses.   This is critical to maximizing value for the company and returns for investors.

Bill Murphy said: “Technology leaders today need to stay ahead of the curve and the landscape of new innovations has never been more crowded.  With my background as a technology leader, strategic investor and entrepreneurial product leader I hope to bring the perspectives of all our constituencies to help new innovative products enter the market.  By understanding the specific needs of the technology leaders in the Cresting Wave community we find and introduce the best new technologies to meet those needs.  Cresting Wave brought me many great technologies while I was the CTO at Blackstone and we look forward to increasing that number for everyone in our growing technology community.”

Steve Shuhet, Managing Partner and Founder added: “As a member of our technology community Bill was always pushing our companies to solve the big technology problems in the simplest way for his teams use at Blackstone.  With his expertise we can do that better than ever to advise our clients on the needs of the community and present them to the technology market in the most efficient way possible. In addition, our community of technology leaders has been growing rapidly and Bill brings the expertise and structure to build & chair these communities.”

At Blackstone, Bill Murphy was a Senior Managing Director and the Chief Technology Officer, leading the Blackstone Innovations team from 2011-2020. He was responsible for the firm's use of technology along with a strategic technology investment portfolio, serving on numerous boards of directors of technology investments along with the board of the Blackstone Charitable foundation. From 1999-2011, Bill was founding Chief Technology Officer for Capital IQ where he was responsible for overseeing all product design, development, infrastructure and technology support and was involved with all operations of the business. Before Capital IQ, he led teams at Sapient after receiving a BSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.


Steve Shuhet


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