Innovation Technology At Your Fingertips


With the emergence of open source, cloud, mobile devices, new cyber threats and the decreased cost to architect and build software, entrepreneurs can now get general available software to market more efficiently. A market dominated by software now provides mechanisms to deliver evaluations through virtualization and cloud. Business users have now become business consumers of innovation software and services.

Cloud Services, Mobile Devices, Big Data Analytics, Security, Virtualization, Compliance, Storage, Disaster Recovery are evolving the technology landscape and changing the game considerably. The adoption and transition to these emerging software packages and platforms present technologists with the ability to rapidly innovate and solve challenges.

The role of the CTO CIO and CISO has shifted to market share, growth, profit, cost reduction and new product development. The Financial Sector is determined to find innovative ways to increase operational efficiencies and remove constraints while also managing risk and compliance.

The challenges for the CTO CIO CISO are considerable. Discovering the appropriate solutions from an enormous pool of innovation can be very time consuming. Once the potential solution is uncovered, the question is-What is the risk, time spent, and investment needed to evaluate, purchase and implement this new innovation? All too often the knowledge is not gained because there is lack of available time and resource to discover and evaluate. Knowledge of innovation is power.

Cresting Wave brings that knowledge and power to your fingertips daily. By leveraging over a decade of innovation discovery, research market validation and successful business execution we power knowledge through a series of custom services, known as Cresting Wave services. By using next generation technology Cresting Wave discovers, filters, and presents custom solutions to match your technical and business initiatives. Our unique secure portfolio targets custom initiatives and pushes discovered innovation to you.

Cresting Wave’s risk methodology “cresting wave meter” discovers and digs deep into 5 specific criteria that drive success or failure in an early stage innovation.


  • Market Cap for Innovation
  • Current Investors
  • Company Executive team
  • General Availability of innovation
  • Future roadmap


The Innovation market is vast, we shrink it and make sure you pay attention to what matters.


Our primary resource for all filtered technology innovation. Cresting Wave specializes in matching your custom technical and business initiatives with filtered innovation.


Cresting Wave Portfolio-Simplify the market analysis process
Portfolio of hundreds of innovation value propositions, personnel profiles, investors, competitive analysis, market penetration, etc.


Cresting Wave Select-Clear correlation to your business needs
Discovered researched and filtered custom innovation technology to match your technical and business requirements.


Cresting Wave Meters-Precise weighting to ensure relevance
Customized meters for each innovation.Our methodology helps measure purchase decision risk (CRESTING WAVE) lifecycle readiness (DEFCON), and market acceptance (REFERENCE).


Cresting Wave Events-Simple, structured and social approach to understand your options
Detail schedule of events integrated with Outlook. Featuring innovation technology topics and scheduled seminars, outings, events, mixers.


Each technology innovation featured in Cresting Wave portfolio will be available to meet upon request via web, video-conference, live face-to-face meeting or demonstration. We match your desired method to be introduced to the innovation with the innovation company.



Each quarter Cresting Wave will host multiple researched ‘best of breed’ innovations at a local venue. Each innovation will present in a trade show format, where they will demonstrate their product and services amongst their peers and our community of CTOs CIOs. All attendees will complete custom surveys.


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