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Virtualized Networking

Application-centric business initiatives are driving IT to adopt virtualization, cloud computing and network edge consolidation to maximize application availability and minimize costs in the distributed enterprise. While each of these architecture shifts has obvious cost-saving benefits from resource consolidation, they have exposed old-world box-bound IP networking as the weak link in next-generation architectures. To truly support next generation IT architectures, the new requirement is that the network infrastructure be as agile as the applications it supports.

Vyatta On Demand Networking delivers on that requirement. Vyatta pioneered the decoupling of routing and security software from proprietary hardware, creating the industry’s first and only platform-independent network operating system, Vyatta Network OS. Vyatta Network OS enables system architects to secure and connect virtual, cloud or physical infrastructures while delivering the same elasticity, mobility, auto-provisioning and utility licensing benefits of the applications they support.

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