Sales Acceleration

Sales Acceleration is the key to success for any organization, especially innovation technology companies. 

It is simple:  Cresting Wave shares a list of CTO/CIO decision makers that are early adopters and ready to view technology. You the SELLER picks who you would like to present too THAT MONTH. We of course need to ensure that the technology that you are pitching is a strong candidate for purchase from the buyer. This is achieved by pre-qualifying the buyer prior to the scheduled meeting. Over the past 10 years average, for every 20 customers you meet with that qualify, you can expect 6 of these to be first customers. 

Cresting Wave attends ALL meetings with the buyer and seller and helps you and your team methodically move the prospect through a sales cycle to achieve a technical win and all purchase orders.

Call Cresting Wave today, meet early adopter decision makers tomorrow. 


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