CTO Events & Roundtables

Cresting Wave hosts 4 large CTO events each year where buyers meet sellers and sellers meet buyers. Some of the highlighted venues of the past include: Yankee Stadium Suites, Foxwoods Casino, NYC Skyline, Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, Delfrisco's etc. Each vendor gets to present to about 75 CTO thought leaders over a 4 hour afternoon. Detailed questionaires are filled out by each buyer and is used as lead generation and pipeline build for future meetings. 


Cresting Wave hosts monthly private CTO feedback sessions with 3-4 CTO's at a local venue. Typical sessions include very early stage technologist presentations to gage feedback on product viability, market pitch, target market, etc. Each Cresting Wave client will have the opportunity to present to a CTO roundtable to help build pipeline, move deals toward closure, develop use cases, etc. 

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